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Rashmika's Cute Photos From Vijay's 'Thalapathy 66' Movie Pooja

Vijay's 66th movie with temporary title 'Thalapathy 66' kickstarts with simple pooja, Rashmika's reactions looks cute with Vijay at the movie pooja. The movie is directed by Vamsi Paidipally and produced by Dhil Raju.
Thalapathy 66 will be directed by Vamsi and produced by Dhil Raju. The movie pooja happened on April 6.
The movie team were at the movie pooja
Announcement on Rashmika's on board to the movie happened on her birthday
Actor Sarathkumar and lyricist Vivek were joined the movie pooja
Rashmika expressed her joy of joining with Vijay throughout the event
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